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Is Sleep the New Sweat?


Is Sleep the New Sweat?

December 20, 2020

Recently a new book was released by Arianna Huffington called The Sleep Revolution. It quickly went to the top of the bestseller list to no one’s surprise. Why? Insomnia is one of the top problems patients come to see us and an issue most of have experienced at some point in our lives. We often find ourselves prescribing medications or supplements for better sleep rather than discussing exercise goals or healthy foods.

While movement and exercise are keys to transform your health, sleep is just as vital but often overlooked. Our favorite tips for a better night’s sleep are listed below.

  1. Give your electronics a bedtime. Ideally one hour before you go to bed turn off your TV and smartphones. The artificial light dampens the hormone melatonin which helps us sleep more deeply.
  2. Take magnesium. Up to 70% of the population are deficient in this mineral. Taking a magnesium supplement can help reduce sleep anxiety.
  3. Try a 10 minute nighttime meditation like yoga nidra. This relaxation exercise gradually decompresses your body so it gets the signal that it’s time to go to sleep.
  4. Say no to stimulating foods after noon. These are foods like caffeine, alcohol, juice, soda, and chocolate. They are more likely to upset your blood sugar balance which can lead to a racing brain at night.
  5. . Foods that are rich in tryptophan aid in producing more serotonin which turns into melatonin.

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