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before and after photo of woman“I’ve found that, not only is this a sustainable way of life, but I’m able to travel to visit my son in Europe and maintain my healthy diet. I don’t only look like a different person, I feel and think like a new person!”

I first came to AIM three years ago. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis two years earlier and was not being treated successfully. My symptoms persisted, I could hardly walk and I was losing my hair and had skin rashes from my medications. I was on steroids and developed diverticulitis. I felt like I was slowly dying. When I came to AIM I started seeing Dr. Liz who evaluated me and suggested that I start on the inflammation diet and set me up with a nutritionist there. I started having ACE treatments. I was tested for food sensitivities and eliminated those foods from my diet as well as those listed on the inflammation diet. I also started taking the prescribed supplements. I cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, eggs, coffee and other foods that I have a sensitivity to. I have to be honest, the first two weeks were pretty rough. I had been eating a lot of sugar and I felt like I was going through withdrawal. The change in my life has been dramatic! I recently turned 60 and I feel better than I have since my 30’s. Over the course of the last three years I have lost 110 pounds. While I still take medication for RA, I’m no longer on steroids and I have been able to change my meds so I don’t have of the bad side effects. I’m still cutting out the same foods as I did in the beginning.

selfie of woman smiling“Stressful life events came up and my insomnia, anxiety, and depression didn’t return. I have now reintroduced a few foods and I’m still doing great. Thank you AIM for giving me my life back!”

I had debilitating insomnia for all of 2018, accompanied by anxiety that often made me feel like I was having a heart attack. I also got seasonal depression every year. I had severe bloating, constant headaches, and allergies to name a few physical issues. I was prescribed six different antidepressant/anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids in 2018 and NONE of them worked. I felt like none of my doctors took me seriously and they didn’t have a genuine interest in helping me. Then I found AIM! I had my first appointment in December 2018. Dr. Teresa Esterle spent the entire hour of my first appointment asking questions, taking notes and truly listening to me. We decided to start with testing for food sensitivities. In January 2019 I met with the registered dietitian to go over my test results. Again, I couldn’t believe how much time she spent with me! My test results pointed to an issue with gut permeability. We changed my diet for 3 months by removing 8 foods from my test results, and I also made a personal decision to stop drinking alcohol. Within 10 days of my diet change I was suddenly sleeping and all anxiety was gone. I lost 5 lbs of water weight from the decrease in inflammation. I wasn’t bloated for the first time in 2+ years. Headaches gone. Over the next few months, I was never hit by my typical seasonal depression. Spring came, but my severe spring allergies never did. I finally had the energy to work out again.

For years I have suffered from debilitation allergies. This year is the first year that I have been truly symptom-free. My quality of life has drastically improved. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Eric for his insightful attention and diagnostic abilities in setting my body straight.

- Linda Callahan

I suffered for almost 4 years with Meniere’s disease – including hearing loss, tinnitus, frequent vertigo episodes and many unsteady days. After Dr. Woolford recommended acupuncture, I was anxious but decided to give it a try. I’ve had four acupuncture treatments and am having fewer and fewer unsteady days and no vertigo episodes! The combination of acupuncture, chiropractic care and nutritional changes has made all the difference! Thank you Dr. Woolford, Lisa and the great team at Alliance!

- Lisa Marx-Cronin

Three years ago, I began to react excessively to bugs, poison ivy, mold, perfume, wheat. I had to do up to 5 rounds of steroids per year and was sick all of the time. Did AAT with Eric and every single allergen is benign for me. NO MORE STEROIDS – A MIRACLE!

- Pam Lovatt

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