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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional and lifestyle counseling have long been essential staples in our integrative approach to medicine at Alliance Integrative Medicine. We use cutting-edge functional lab tests to assess your body composition, test for food sensitivities, and determine what nutrients you need.

At AIM, our dietitians are functional medicine-trained to help you reach your wellness goals by assessing your body’s unique needs. They work as part of our robust team of physicians and other medical providers to bring you cohesive, individualized care.

Based on test results and a thorough examination, our physicians and dietitians can make specific nutritional recommendations for you. They will work with you to develop lifestyle, diet, and supplement programs tailored to your personal needs, and then monitor your progress.

In addition to nutritional recommendations, our dietitians can provide food-relationship coaching to help improve the way you think and feel about food as part of our body, mind, and spirit approach to wellness. They can also provide helpful tips and guidance to help sustain positive change through behavior-focused coaching.

To prepare for your initial nutritional counseling appointment, please track your eating habits using our Diet Diary and bring it with you to review with your care provider.

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