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Adjunct Oncology Support

Integrative Medicine provides many options to help optimize health, reduce the burden of disease, and help manage the many side effects from chemotherapy/medications and surgery, thus improving overall well-being.

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Benefits & Treatment

Benefits can include increased energy, improvement in mood and sleep, prevention and reduction of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, and help with managing nausea, pain, fatigue and stress. Our goal is to use integrative medicine tools to help guide the body and mind through the healing process.

Treatment plans are personalized based on each patient’s needs. The modalities used may include a combination of nutritional counseling, medical acupuncture, chiropractic care, functional medicine, health coaching, energy healing, medical massage, personalized supplement recommendations, and stress reduction techniques such as guided meditations.

Please note: We will work with your treating oncology team as an adjunct to your care. We do not provide or replace traditional oncology care.

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