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Energy Healing

Energy healing is one of the oldest forms of healing in the world. At Alliance Integrative Medicine, we have integrated several different types of energy work, including therapeutic touch, healing touch, and principles from the Japanese art of Reiki. During an energy healing treatment, the therapist assesses the body’s energy field and attempts to correct any imbalances detected by placing his/her hands on the patient.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the art of correcting imbalances in the body’s flow of energy. The human body generates an electromagnetic field. Measurements of this field are often used in conventional medicine to diagnose illness and disease. For example, we commonly use electroencephalograms (EEGs) to measure brain activity, electrocardiograms (EKGs) to chart heart activity, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to get detailed looks inside the body.

This electromagnetic field or aura around the body can also be detected without instruments by a trained energy therapist. In fact, research has shown some individuals are actually able to see beyond the normal visual spectrum and can see this field. An imbalance in the auric field can eventually lead to physical disease. Restoring balance in the field aids in healing the physical body.

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What Conditions Can Be Treated by Energy Healing?

Anyone can benefit from receiving energy healing. Because energy healing practitioners can sense electromagnetic field imbalances before they affect the physical body, individuals can benefit from energy treatments to help prevent illness.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Your therapist will evaluate this and let you know how many treatments you will need.

How Does an Energy Healing Treatment Feel?

During an energy healing treatment, the therapist first assesses the patient’s energy field and determines if there are any imbalances. They will then discuss these imbalances with the patient and have the patient lie down on a padded table as they initiate treatment to balance the energy field.

The patient may feel a warm sensation and sometimes even a tingling or vibration. It is very common for a patient to feel relaxed, comforted, and even fall asleep during a treatment.

What Should I Do After Treatment?

After the treatment, patients may feel a little sleepy and should rest until they are able to resume normal activities. We suggest that you drink lots of water and refrain from strenuous activity and heavy exercise for six to 24 hours following a treatment.

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