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Wellness and Wellbeing

Unfortunately, the term “wellness” is overused and has been misconstrued to being thought of as the absence of illness. But at Alliance Integrative Medicine, we believe that wellness is far more than the absence of illness.

Understanding Wellness and Wellbeing

True wellness imbues a sense of wellbeing and vitality. This includes physical wellbeing, emotional stability, intellectual acuity, a sense of openness, and an ability to embrace change. Wellness includes the ability to speak your own truth, a sense of intuition, and a sense of spiritual wellbeing, which includes alignment with your own purpose and meaning in the world.

At AIM, we have developed techniques and processes which allow us to both quantify and promote wellness and wellbeing.

Promoting Wellness can amount to:

  • Increasing the innate vitality of the body
  • Promoting a sense of mental wellbeing
  • Augmenting physiologic resilience
  • Boosting metabolic reserve
  • Fostering self-healing

We feel that if utilized well, promoting Wellness in this type of definition will counteract the onset and acceleration of illness, thereby lowering medical overutilization and escalating costs.

This is why we work with patients to develop their own personalized “Transformational Wellness Plan.” To learn more about Transformational Wellness, schedule an appointment with Alliance Integrative Medicine today!

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