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The Get Well Program

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The Get Well Program is currently at capacity. Please check back in September 2024.

Who can apply?

  • A single mom raising two children and feeling overwhelmed
  • A college student suffering from anxiety with no parental support
  • A struggling father with low back pain who just lost his job
  • A retired senior with arthritis living on a fixed income
  • And … YOU or someone you know who meets the following requirements:

Medical Requirements

  • Currently have a primary care physician and have had an appointment with them during the six months prior to your initial consultation with an AIM physician
  • Have a medical condition that is responsive to alternative therapies

Financial Requirements

  • Meet financial eligibility based on 200% of the current year’s federal poverty level guidelines or demonstrate extenuating circumstances
  • Provide proof of annual income (recent W2, federal tax return, or two current pay stubs)
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Patient Testimonial

"Alliance Integrative Medicine was the first place that offered me the hope of vibrant health after many years of frustration with conventional medicine and a prolonged illness. I was amazed with how the doctors listened intently to my situation, made insightful connections and took proactive steps to remedy my sickness. Their approach made a big difference and as a result I saw incredible progress over the first year and a half as a normal patient. When my husband and I decided to start a small business in Cincinnati, we didn’t have the funds to continue my treatment. I let them know how much I had appreciated all they had done for me, but that I could no longer afford acupuncture and other treatments. That is when I learned about the Get Well Program. I was blown away that there was an option that would allow me to keep healing my health, even with our new limited budget. The Get Well Program has been a HUGE help to me in the last year; I couldn’t have foreseen the challenges I would face and how much I would rely on the treatments and knowledge of my doctor. I love that the Get Well Program makes such incredible resources available to everyone. I have received the same level of care in the Get Well Program as I did as a normal patient. I am so grateful for the respect, kindness and wisdom of the doctors and for the growing health I have as a result of all their work!" —Abby

How Do I Apply?

Our Integrative Medicine Foundation committee and/or two AIM physicians will review your application. You will receive a final decision by phone and/or mail within four weeks of submitting your application. If accepted, a member of AIM’s front office staff will contact you to schedule your initial consultation with a physician.

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How Much Does the Program Cost?

These costs will be outlined in your welcome letter if you are accepted into the program.

What Healing Treatments Does the Get Well Program Include?

Get Well services may include nutritional counseling, medical acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, applied kinesiology, functional medicine counseling, energy healing, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, and medical massage.

Laboratory costs are not included in the program.

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