Health Coaching

Health Coaches are a part of the healthcare industry who have training in the science of health behavior change. Health coaches work with groups and individuals to help support lifestyle changes.

AIM Health Coaches are functionally medicine trained to help you reach your wellness goals. They work as part of our robust clinical team to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness by helping gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to take responsibility for their diet and lifestyle. 

Health Coaches can help you better manage your chronic medical conditions and can help develop sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes through exploration of values, strengths, and intrinsic motivations.  They can also provide helpful tips and guidance to help sustain positive change through behavior-focused coaching.

In addition, AIM health coaches can provide education on nutritional supplements that may be beneficial to you.

Health Coaching services are available virtually at this time with Jaime Sanzere, MS, RDN or Deanna Rowe, NBC-HWC.

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