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Shed Your Invisible Weight


Shed Your Invisible Weight

December 4, 2013

During this time of year many of us stress out about money and traveling to see loved ones. According to The American Psychological Association, money is the number one cause of stress in today’s society. As barren as winter trees appear, sometimes it seems our bank accounts are right in line with this. As the stressors of the holiday season creep upon us, it is easy to over-spend, over-eat, and over-think in an effort to disguise what is actually going on. As we try to stuff thick winter sweaters and gifts into our carry-on luggage to avoid baggage fees, what else are we unconsciously stuffing into our bodies, hearts, and minds? Although airport scales may not be able to weigh it, many of us carry around TONS of emotional baggage that can cost us both financially, emotionally, and physically. It may be our thoughts about money that are stressing us out and not just the actual number in our bank account.

Tips to shed your emotional baggage surrounding the holidays and finances.

  1. Money does not equal security. Yes, it is fantastic to have job security and a regular paycheck. While having enough money to sustain yourself is a PART of security, there are many other factors. What actually brings you security is having a best friend you can call day or night, knowing that your child is safe, and/or the ability to buy healthy food for you and your family. When we place our security in people and experiences, it shifts our stress level down!
  2. Money is simply an exchange of energy. While some people have more “energy” than others, you get to decide what to do with yours. You are responsible for the energy you bring into a room and the same goes for money. Try changing your attitude or thoughts about a resistance you feel when paying a bill or buying a gift for someone and notice how that feels…better? Worse?
  3. Money and more money doesn’t make you happier. Learning HOW to think about money usually does though. Plenty of people make a lot of money at jobs that drain them. Doing work that is in line with your purpose is more important than being profitable. What would you do for free? Often times we grow up thinking that work has to be hard or difficult. Or that we work all day to be able to spend time doing the thing we actually love. What if you could reverse that? Would you be less stressed?

Happy Holidays!

By Dr. Tiffany Lester.
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