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Reduce Infections as Your Kids Go Back to School


Reduce Infections as Your Kids Go Back to School

December 17, 2020

Steve Amoils, MD

It’s back to school time and you’ll want to support your child’s immune system as best you can as they start to interact with peers. Below, you will find our top supplement recommendations for keeping your kids healthy this school year. We like to focus on three things:

1. Boost Your Immune System –

2. Add a multivitamin & Fish Oil for foundational support

3. And finally, add a probiotic to support gut health

  • My Favorite is Fundamental Probiotic which is shelf stable. And, it can be sprinked in food or a smoothie if taking supplements is difficult.

And, for parents, this is often a time when stress rises due to the change in routines and shift in seasons. Consider adding Fundamental Stress Reduction during this time to help manage your stress response.

If you have any questions regarding dosing for these products or what may be best for your kids, please schedule an appointment with your provider or contact our store.

You can purchase the recommended supplements through our online store, calling 513-791-5521, or by coming into our retail store.

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