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How to Start Exercising: 5 Tips to Get You Going

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How to Start Exercising: 5 Tips to Get You Going

January 8, 2024

We all know that exercise is important, but establishing a regular habit of exercising can be difficult. Between finding time to exercise to remaining motivated and more, there are plenty of challenges that can pop up along the way. But not to worry! At AIM for Wellbeing, we are here for you as you pursue your health goals, which is why we have put together some helpful tips on how to start exercising:

1. Consider Your Fitness Goals

One step that is easy to overlook when you are starting out on an exercise plan is considering your own fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to train for a half-marathon? Do you want to be able to lift more? Different fitness goals can call for different plans of action, which is why it is a good idea to think about this when you are in the early stages of forming an exercise routine.

2. Set Measurable Benchmarks

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Another tip that we suggest is setting measurable benchmarks along the way throughout your exercise journey. This not only promotes accountability, but also allows you to celebrate your own successes when you achieve goals along the way. For instance, if you want to eventually exercise 5 days per week, you could consider setting a goal to reach 3 days per week within a month. This allows you to focus on a realistic and specific goal that can be achieved in the short term and sets up future success.

3. Find Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day

Another of the best tips for how to start exercising is to find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine in fun and interesting ways. For example, if you work close to home, you could try biking to work for some extra exercise. Or, consider taking a walk right after lunch. You can even do small things, like take the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further from the entrance of the grocery store or workplace. Finding ways to make exercise a habit in your daily routine can have a great impact on your overall success in meeting your fitness goals!

4. Mix Up Your Routine

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Doing the same exercises over and over again can get boring, which sometimes leads to a lack of desire to stick with an exercise program. You can help to avoid this by mixing up your routine by trying different exercises, exercising in different places, exercising with others, and more. Remember, just because it is work, does not mean it can’t be fun! The more you are enjoying your routine, the more likely you are to stick with it.

5. Allow Time for Rest and Recovery

It is easy to push yourself too hard when you are starting out with a new exercise routine, which is why it is important to allow time for your body to rest and recover. When you do not rest after exercise, you do not receive all of the benefits it brings and you will not be ready to exercise again when you next want to. Make sure to also drink plenty of fluids to keep your hydration levels up and eat a healthy diet to nourish your body!

We hope these tips for how to start exercising are useful to you as you tackle your personal health goals. And remember, you don’t have to do it alone! You can apply for health coaching from our team here at AIM for Wellbeing to take advantage of our resources and knowledgeable experts as you work towards living your best life.

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