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3 of the Top Benefits of PRP

September 13, 2023

If you are dealing with an orthopedic injury, such as damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, or muscles, our team here at AIM for Wellbeing is here to assist you. We offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (or PRP) injections that can significantly improve your body’s ability to recover from these types of injuries. Let’s explore what PRP is and the benefits it can provide:

What is PRP?

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PRP is an orthopedic therapy that uses a patient’s platelets to accelerate the healing of damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. This therapy works by taking a sample of your body’s own plasma, which naturally contains proteins that assist in blood clotting and cell growth. We then take this plasma, concentrate it, and then inject it into the injured tissue, where it will begin helping the body to create new and healthy cells that allow for faster healing. This can assist in the healing of chronic tendon injuries, acute ligament and muscle injuries, post surgical scar tissue, arthritic joints, and partial tendon tears.

Benefits of PRP

1. Natural Treatment

One of the top benefits of PRP is that it is a natural remedy with few risks. Since PRP comes from the patient’s body, it is both natural and carries few risks. Some other treatments for orthopedic injuries have more risks and are not based around natural remedies, which is why many of our patients prefer PRP.

2. Minimally Invasive

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Receiving a PRP injection is minimally invasive and only takes about 60 minutes. Our clinicians use ultrasound technology to guide the injection, ensuring that the therapy is delivered accurately and effectively. Patients typically receive somewhere from one to four total treatments in order to effectively treat their injuries. While orthopedic surgeries tend to carry greater risks and are generally more invasive, you can receive treatment for your injury without subjecting yourself to an invasive procedure when you come and receive PRP at AIM for Wellbeing.

3. Easy Recovery

Unlike many orthopedic procedures, there is fairly little recovery associated with PRP relative to other procedures. While patients typically experience some soreness after the procedure, they are typically able to return to their normal daily activities on the day of the procedure. It is generally recommended that patients rest the affected area for a specified period after the procedure, but adhering to a recovery program that involves light exercise, plenty of hydration, and a nutritious diet can significantly improve overall recovery. This simple recovery is just another of the top benefits of PRP.

Now that you know more about the benefits of PRP, you can see why plenty of people have trusted us to help them recover from various injuries with this effective treatment option. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic tendon injury, acute ligament or muscle injury, arthritic joints, or other similar issues, PRP may be a valuable tool in your recovery. If you are dealing with an injury and want to explore PRP, reach out to our team here at AIM for Wellbeing and allow us to assist you!

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