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5 Benefits of Our Medical Massage Treatments

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5 Benefits of Our Medical Massage Treatments

April 10, 2024

Here at AIM for Wellbeing, we apply a wide range of techniques and treatments in order to help our patients achieve their best possible quality of life. Among these treatments are our medical massage treatments, which can provide significant benefits to patients dealing with certain health challenges. If you want to learn more about our medical massage treatments and how they might be able to benefit you, just read on:

1. Improved Mobility and Strength

One of the top benefits of our medical massage treatments is that they can help improve your overall mobility and strength. For instance, we can apply muscle energy techniques to help patients following physical rehabilitation. We can also massage the connective tissue that supports and protects your muscles and bones, reducing pain and increasing mobility and range of motion. If you are dealing with challenges relating to your muscles and bones, such as joint soreness or stiffness, this treatment may be ideal for you.

2. Continued Recovery After Physical Rehabilitation

medical massage on calf

Another of the benefits of our medical massage treatments is that they can help to assist patients on their road to recovery from injuries or procedures that require physical rehabilitation. Our expert practitioners will work with you to help restore your natural levels of mobility and strength while helping to minimize discomfort where possible.

3. Relief From Oral Pain

If you are recovering from dental work, dealing with TMJ, or another issue causing oral pain, our myoneural release treatment can help. During this treatment, the massage therapist will wear gloves and work inside your mouth to relax key muscles, providing relief from pain. This is just another of the many benefits that our medical massage treatments can offer.

4. Reduced Headaches and Migraines

woman with headache

For those who struggle with the challenges of chronic headaches or migraines, our medical massage treatments may be able to help. Our treatments can help to properly align the head, spinal column, and sacrum, which helps to relax the central nervous system. We can also use precision neuromuscular therapy to identify interactions between muscles that may be contributing to issues, and helping to resolve them.

5. Assist the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays an important role in your body by moving cellular waste to the circulatory system so that it can reach the liver and be removed from your body. However, sometimes this system slows down, which can lead to a variety of symptoms, including pain and swelling. Our medical massage treatments can help with this issue by stimulating movement in the lymphatic system through light pressure, allowing your body to continue to work at its best.

Try Our Medical Massage Treatments
These are just some of the many benefits that our medical massage treatments can offer. From increased mobility and strength in your muscles and joints, to reduced headaches, and tons more benefits, our medical massage treatments can provide substantial benefits to many of our patients. If you are ready to take advantage of these benefits, you can find out more about our medical massage treatments here. We look forward to assisting you on your health journey!

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