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Melissa Van Tassel, MD

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Melissa Van Tassel, MD

Dr. Melissa Van Tassel joined AIM’s physician team as a fellow in the Integrative Medicine Physician of Excellence Program (IMPOE) in 2024, after working in primary care and pursing her functional medicine training and certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2023. She has a passion for physical, mental and emotional wellness as well as an interest in women’s health and longevity. She is excited to work in a collaboration with patients to treat root causes, give them back agency in their healthcare, and transform their lives.

Dr. Van Tassel attended medical school at Wright State University and completed her Family Medicine Residency at St. Anthony’s Hospitals in Denver, Colorado. She then worked for 20 years in large health systems and private practices in Denver and Seattle. She is now very happy to be back in the Midwest where she enjoys cycling, hiking, cooking, playing pickleball, piano and spending time with her husband.

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