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Rebecca Korfhagen, BSN, RN

Rebecca Korfhagen BSN, RN

Rebecca Korfhagen, BSN, RN

In her practice as a Certified Rolfer™, Rebecca (Becky) Korfhagen fosters an interactive relationship with her clients — respecting them in their present state of being, while encouraging them toward ease and overall integration within their bodies.

Becky is fascinated with the many options available in the pursuit of improving the “whole person” and has expanded her knowledge of several healing arts practices through further study, both in a university setting and experientially. She is committed to continuing education within the areas of fascial network manipulation, movement studies, and the additional regions of manual therapy.

Becky’s search for a way to resolve her own physical pain and discomfort, coupled with her longtime interest in the relationship that exists between the body and its surrounding space, led her to Rolfing®. She was so impressed with the long-term, positive effects that Rolfing® afforded, not only physically but the way she learned to recognize and resolve patterns that were no longer serving her functionally, that she went on to earn certification as a Rolfer™ through the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.

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