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We all love sweet foods – peaches, figs, corn on the cob, brownies, etc. Too often we overindulge and load up on “healthy” sweet foods while dampening our taste buds’ ability to interpret what we are really feeding our bodies.

Reset your taste buds by adding bitter foods to your next meal!

There are five types of taste buds – salt, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. Everything we put into our mouths gives us some combination of these sensations. In America, we tend to have little to no bitter foods on our plate and an excess of sweet and salty foods. In addition, the foods we eat today are far less nutrient-dense than what our ancestors consumed due to years of damaging farm practices and genetically modified engineering. It is only in response to our demand for sweeter food that these practices continue to flourish while the most nutritious foods get stepped over on our way to the cookie aisle.

Broccoli: Try, Try, and Try It Again

Sometimes getting children to eat their broccoli and Brussels sprouts is about as difficult as… well… getting adults to eat their broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Luckily with adults, we can talk about something even better than imaginary reasons to eat our cruciferous vegetables – we can talk about the reality of breast and prostate cancer. The foods we eat can either help or harm us. Here at Alliance Integrative Medicine, we want to help you along your health journey by providing guidance on what foods you should eat and which you should avoid to heal your health.

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