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Executive Modern Wellness Program

Our experts are conventional medical providers with specialized training in integrative and functional medicine, providing a unique expertise to help you understand the factors impacting your wellbeing. We identify opportunities to rebalance and improve your health and wellness while also coordinating the tools and resources to achieve desired results.

Aim for Wellbeing Offers a Progressive Approach to Proactive Health and Wellness

Step 1:

A 90-minute assessment with a medical provider to discuss your current health, family history, lifestyle, stress level and wellness goals.

We will run baseline labs in addition to advanced functional medicine tests to provide in-depth insights that will guide your personalized wellbeing road map. Tests are performed by a simple blood draw or mouth swabs and include:

  • Specialized hormone evaluation to analyze stress levels.
  • CardioIQ advanced panel testing provides a more accurate view of cardiovascular risks and measures critical components not included in traditional lipid tests.
  • 3 x 4 Genetic Report will determine your body’s ideal: nutrients needs, fitness activities, health risks, weight and stress strategies.
  • TruAge is a new test available to compare your chronological age with your body’s biological age and determine how to improve age-related biological metrics.

Optional during the first visit: an intro to acupuncture treatment.

Step 2:

Follow-up appointment with your medical provider to review your results and collaborate on an ideal action plan based on your wellness interests and goals.

A registered dietitian specialized in functional medicine will map out your dietary needs and your provider will develop a customized supplement regimen, determine an ideal approach to fitness, identify opportunities to reduce stress and proactively manage health/genetic risks.

Step 3:

After 6 months, evaluate your health and wellness progress by taking another TruAge test.

It is rewarding to see the impact of your efforts actually lower your body’s biological age and improve your overall risk factors. The follow-up test can be performed in-office or mailed to your home. A medical provider will review the results with you and discuss your progress via phone consultation.

The Best Medicine

AIM For Wellbeing believes the combination of conventional and integrative medicine is the best medicine. Your provider may determine the need for traditional medical tests or recommend preventative screenings. Based on the medical provider referral, these tests are typically covered by insurance. Our ezCare Concierge navigators are available to help coordinate any additional care recommended at The Christ Hospital Health Network.

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