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AIM for a Better Diet- 12 Week Nutrition Program

Registered dietitian Katherine Mattox leads AIM’s unique, 12-week wellness program where you can learn how to eat for the long term — to achieve your optimal weight and lifelong metabolic balance.

The program will include Katherine’s signature 6-week elimination style diet with reintroductions to help you get to know your body, group discussions and support, and interactive learning — including recipe demonstrations, and a virtual grocery store tour! The additional 6 weeks will focus on nutrition optimization and provide accountability. And so you can fully understand the dynamics of your changing body, we’ve included two FREE InBody 570 body composition assessments (an $80 value) in this session.



Katherine will also share weekly meal ideas for you to help restore your taste buds’ natural response to healthy foods, decrease full-body inflammation, and establish a health-aware eating routine that can last you a lifetime.

Using the best conventional weight-loss practices combined with proven functional medicine methods, Katherine will guide you in forming long-term, healthy habits that can:

• Decrease chronic inflammation
• Stabilize your blood sugar
• Reduce your food cravings
• Lessen the toxic burden on your body
• Optimize your metabolism

You can Register ONLINE here or call the office at 513-791-5521 to secure your spot!


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